Yin Yoga with Will LeBlanc

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Online yin yoga classes

Please join Will LeBlanc for online yin yoga classes via Zoom!

Days and times: 

Presently there are no live classes being offered, while Will is on break. No date has been set yet for classes to resume. 

Note: Live online classes will be "locked" right at the class start time and no new participants will be allowed to enter after that time. This is not punitive; it is for Zoom security reasons. Please be sure to arrive at least 10 minutes early.

Class cost:    Class is by donation...however, you do not have to donate if it's not in your budget right now.
You may send your donation via PayPal.

If you do not use PayPal you can send a check to:

William LeBlanc
Box 484

Bearsville  NY  12409

Thank you, Blessings & Namaste

Class meeting link:  Click HERE to join the class by video or audio at any of the class times.  If prompted to enter the Meeting ID, enter 509 - 436 - 8499, and the Password is 1 3 7 6 2 8.

Class props:  If you do not have access at home to a set of basic yin yoga props (large bolster, mini bolster, yoga block, and yoga blanket), please have within reach during class time any household objects you can substitute: a compact and firm pillow or two, a dense blanket, a bath towel, etc. During class Will will give suggestions on how to adapt these objects for yin use.

If you would like to purchase any of the above props, Yoga Life Style in New Paltz, NY is offering a 10% discount and free shipping with discount code leblanc10.   Recommended items: Bheka round 100% cotton yoga bolster (a.k.a. "large bolster") and Bheka buckwheat-filled salamander bolster (a.k.a. "mini-bolster").

YouTube introductory video and recordings of past classes: 

New to yin yoga? Become familiar with the props used and how to relax into the poses by watching this introductory video with Will LeBlanc.

Missed a class? An archive of video recordings of past classes can be found on Will's YouTube Channel.

New students or first-time Zoom users:

Please “arrive” for class 20 minutes early to get your yin yoga questions answered by Will, or test out and resolve any technical audio/video issues.


Please know that any recording made of these Zoom sessions will contain only Will's voice and image, not the voice or image of any other participant. So if you see "Recording" in the upper left corner, know that you will not be a part of it!


E-mail Will at innercoach@hotmail.com with questions about yin yoga.

Technical tips for a successful Zoom experience:

  1. Installing the Zoom app.  Zoom works best if you first install Zoom on your computer rather than relying solely on your Web browser to take you into a Zoom meeting. After clicking on this link, click on the ‘Download’ button under “Zoom Client For Meetings”. Once the download is complete, proceed with installing the Zoom application on your computer.

  2. Plug in your computer. As class time approaches, please make sure your computer is plugged in, not running on battery, because if your computer battery dies during class, you will lose your Zoom connection and not be able to re-enter once Will has locked the Zoom session for security reasons.

  3. Class meeting link.  At least 10 minutes before class time (20 minutes for new students - see "New Students" section on this page), please click on the class link. The meeting will be locked exactly at the class start time, so please arrive early. 

  4. Allowing use of your camera and microphone.  As Zoom opens, accept the microphone and camera settings you are comfortable with if your computer prompts you for permission to access those devices.

  5. Muting and unmuting.  Upon entering the Zoom session, you will be muted automatically. To unmute yourself, hold down the space bar on your keyboard for as long as you wish to speak (if you are using an iPad or smart phone, click the 'unmute' icon instead, but please remember to mute yourself again as soon as you are finished talking). During class Will will mute everyone and no one will be able to unmute again until class is over.

  6. Showing or hiding your video image.  In the lower left corner of your Zoom window click on ‘Stop Video’ if you do not want to be seen by others, or ‘Start Video’ if you are comfortable being seen.

  7. Seeing Will's image large.  To see Will large on your screen, in the upper right corner of your Zoom window select Full Screen, then Speaker View, then, just below that, click on any of the three icons corresponding to the viewing style you prefer. We recommend selecting the first icon for a full-screen view of only Will.

  8. Volume.  Adjust your computer speaker volume settings to a comfortable level to hear Will.