About Yin Yoga


Some recommended articles about Yin Yoga:

Turning Inward with Yin Yoga

An Ancient Practice to Balance Modern Life

a 2017 article printed in Chronogram,

written by Mary Angeles Armstrong

Yin Yoga is a resurrection of the original receiving of yoga...long, slow and deep.


It is a yoga practice to address the deep inner tension of the body by slowly compressing the myofascial system.

It involves sitting quietly in simple asana to allow the intuitive intelligence of the body to awaken.


Yin Yoga invites Stillness and Silence… to explore the intimate relationship between tension held by the intertwining of the mental, physical and emotional.


Yin Yoga invites a relaxing and simple recognition of the "no-separation" of yoga.


And most important, Yin Yoga cultivates the body as a spacious container to investigate the nature of your Self.

Not to mention it is so lovely for your bones, joints, aches, pains and a feeling of deep well-being.