About Will LeBlanc


I like to think of my yoga training in three phases:

  1. Studies of strong foundational styles, scriptures, and owning and directing a yoga studio.

  2. Discovering my true love, Yin Yoga.

  3. The ongoing education I receive from my students and the learning that comes from intuitive awareness and life.

Studies and Trainings









500-hour Yoga Teacher Training

Owner & Director of Amherst Yoga Center

Science and Mysticism of connective tissue…with Deane Juhan

Myofascial Release Training…with John F. Barnes

Essence of Non-Duality…Rupert Spira



2005- Present…Yin Trainings

Yin teacher training – Paul Grilley

Yin teacher training – Bernie Clark

Yin teacher training – Sarah Powers

Restorative teacher training – Jillian Pransky

Yin training – Paulie Zink

Freedom yoga training – Erich Schiffmann

Student testimonials:

   “Will has always mentioned that teaching his classes is intrinsic to his own personal practice. To that end, he radiates the equanimity he hopes to instruct; a win-win situation floating on a cloud of serendipity. Will also has a sense of humor.”


   “I have learned so much by weekly attending Will’s Yin Yoga class. First and foremost, I have learned to befriend the daily pain I feel in my body.  Instead of running for relief at the first sign of feeling uncomfortable, I acknowledge and embrace it as a part of myself and ‘ask’ what it’s trying to tell me.  (Slow down? What are you fearing? Etc.)  I have learned that feeling discomfort isn’t the end of the world! This has also been of great help to emotions and thoughts that I may deem ‘upsetting’.

   Yin Yoga has also been teaching me to practice ‘being in the moment’. It may sound like an overused cliché, but it is by this momentary awareness that one feels alive and a greater sense of joy overall.  It has helped sharpen my listening skills with my environment and those who may be present.  Being a massage therapist and energy healer, I find my intuition continues to blossom due to this practice.

   The physical benefits of Yin Yoga are also incredible.  I continue to learn where chronic tension shows itself in my body and advance my awareness of the fascial trains of connective tissue.  Everything is connected!  Will’s simple but profound explanations of what might be going on mentally and physically while holding a posture are perfect.  I highly recommend this class to everyone.” 


   "Will's classes have had a profound effect on my life. When I went to his first class, I didn't know that I was going to get addicted! But what better addiction? I always feel a deep sense of calm and well-being after his classes that weaves into my life physically and spiritually."


   "Will holds a space for every person.  I am visually impaired and need to practice by listening. I have begun to surrender to my body in this practice.  I have gained better balance. I am learning to accept stillness. Ever grateful."


   "After undergoing lumbar fusion surgery, yoga postures that were once easy for me became almost impossible. I was ecstatic to not be in pain, but sad to think that yoga was part of my past. Six years later I began Yin Yoga with Will and my body has changed dramatically.

   The slow pace , the focus on the breath and the long-held postures of Yin give the body and mind time to just be with what it is. Will's instruction to simply feel sensations, and not to tell stories about what is felt, melts away the supposed solidity of discomfort and our aversion to it. His analogy that sensations and thoughts are like the ocean tides, rising and falling, gives one the space and freedom to float into a deep relaxation. It  always amazes me to witness pain dissolve, gradually but surely.

   His classes are delivered with wit, wisdom and humility, and I feel spacious and renewed after each class."


   "I and my body have missed your classes and guidance in a way that I cannot express. I would never have believed it in my Iyengar brain but it would seem that the Yin essence in me craves your classes... I can absolutely see and feel a palpable difference in my body and mind!"